Valérius, from latin VALERIO means “to be strong” and represents the ability to competence.


Large production capacity:

Factory area: 3500 sqm.

4 automatic cutting stations.

Specialized equipment for technical parts.

Delivery times of 6 weeks.

Flexible production - adapted from small till large orders.

Commercial team focused in different universes of customers.

Production ready for replacement orders in 4 weeks.


To achieve the highest quality in our production, we have the highest quality standards.

  • In order to achieve the highest quality in our produtcs, our suppliers are subject of continuous evaluation of quality and eviromental policies within the management system of conception, development and production of clothing.


Capacity of 25,000 pieces / day, adapted to medium and large series.

RDD - Independent department for new models-proposal, with capacity of 110 pieces / week.

Pattern department with 6 pattern makers working from the first sample to the final fitting.

Samples Development in 72 working hours.

4 Showrooms spaces, available to the clients for their labour and inspiration.


Focused on the customer's brands and products.

Company adapted to the most varied needs of different types of customer.

Commercial policy with teams near the client.